Cats are taking over the [cultural] world


Cats. Cats are everywhere. Britain has always been a country that prides itself on its love of animals, but at the moments, cats seem to have got the cream.

There was an online feline renaissance in 2012 with the emergence of memes such as Grumpy Cat (Meme of the Year 2013 at the Webbys) and countless YouTube videos proving cats are funnier than dogs.

But why are cats so on trend?

They have now snuck into other areas of culture. Feline fashion is so ‘in’ right now. Kitten camisoles are literally the cats pyjamas. Vogue despaired last year when cats were clawing their way into fashion, but they have clung on. Just yesterday, I saw a woman in the train wearing a black midi skirt (very on trend) with a cat face print. Vogue would not have been impressed.

While kitties haven’t strictly breached pop music, the biggest pop singer on the scene right now, Taylor Swift, has always endorsed cats; on her shoes, cat ears on her headbands, taking about them in her interviews and smattering her Instagram with pictures of her own cats, including an adorable Scottish Fold. <awww>. In fact, in February, the Telegraph reported that cat photos are more popular than selfies.

Buzzfeed has cottoned onto this: cats = hits. Cats are now often used as click bait (hey, it got you here)… An article entitled ‘The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions’ was read more than 3.5 million times on BuzzFeed. Did you know you can even subscribe to a Buzzfeed Cats newsletter?

So being a crazy cat lady isn’t actually a bad thing these days.

Here are my top 6 favourite cat things….

Grumpy Cat

grumpy catss

Even though he’s a grump, everyone loves this cat. A bit like those who suffer from resting bitch face, he can’t help that he looks this way. There are now countless memes of him. He even has his own merchandise,  book and cartoon series.


Cat ear headbands

girls cat earsThey used to only be suitable for children or Halloween parties. But now celebrities like (previously mentioned cat lady) Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are wearing cute cat ears as a fashion statement. Do you like mine?


Cuddling cats video


If you haven’t seen this video already, you’re missing out on some serious cuteness!

Sex kitten

sex kittens

There is definitely something quite sexy about the feline characteristics, hence the term sex kitten. Meow…. Maybe we could add some of those cat ears to complete the look?


Cat emojis (Catmojis)

catmojiAside from the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil monkeys, cats are the only Apple emoji that have a range of expressions, so clearly they are the best. Personally I love the lusty cat with hearts in his eyes.



My own cat

tinkerbellsThis is Tink. We stole her from the neighbours and she prefers it at ours anyway. (Don’t worry, the neighbours are cool with this, they have three other cats) She is now microchipped to our house so only she can get in the cat flap because we started getting loads of random cats showing up in the house. Either we have some sort of cat homing beacon or Tink has told the neighbourhood  cats that we’re suckers who will give cats free board and lodging.

Now here’s keyboard cat to play us off…


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