Struggles of a baby-faced 20-something

21 jump st college

“Can I see some ID, please?” Most people are familiar with this question from the age of fifteen or so when they start going to see rated films at the cinema and then when they start buying alcohol and [trying to] get into pubs and clubs.

I am (nearly) 25 years-old and I still get IDed all the time. Not just buying a drink or going into a bar, but for all manner of things. I was asked for ID going to see a certificate 15 film a few months ago; it was half term and apparently pesky kids were trying to sneak in. It’s so embarrassing.

The film was 22 Jump Street, not exactly Scarface, is it? I am older than the number on the poster, nearly a decade older than the age you need to be to see it. Do I really have to prove I’m not a 14 year-old trying to sneak into a film to perhaps catch a glimpse of some nudity and laugh and the F word? <sigh>

ID mclovinI understand that these people are just doing their job, but when you get asked for ID to buy ibuprofen when you are actually old enough to have a mortgage, it does get frustrating. It’s worse since the ‘Think 21’ scheme was upgraded to ‘Think 25’. I am going to be IDed until I’m 40 at this rate.

“You’ll appreciate it when you’re older,” everyone tells me. Well, they’ve been saying that since I was 18. It is six years later and it’s still more of a hindrance than a blessing. You would think that at least I could get student discount or a teenage ticket. But no, apparently you need ID for that too, which I sadly no longer possess. Bye bye 10% Topshop discount.

My baby-face is made even worse by the fact that my younger sister, age 19, not only looks her age, but actually looks older than me. Whenever we are out together, people always think she is the older sibling. I went out with her and my 18 year-old cousin this month and we asked two people who didn’t know us to rank us in age order. They said we all looked alike, good start. Then proceeded to guess the 18 year-old was the eldest, then the 19 year-old, then 24 year-old me. Here’s hoping they look older when we hit 40 and I still look 25!

It doesn’t help by the fact I have naturally light blonde hair, the hair that most people have until the age of about three, and I am quite petite so could probably still fit into the age 14-15 clothes if I so desired. But I have enough trouble looking like a teenager as it is without dressing like one.

fearne young

My idol Fearne Cotton suffers the same baby-face struggles as me. I remember her saying that she was still IDed when she was 30. And hey, she’s now 33 and looks bloody fantastic. I’m just looking forward to the time when someone asks me for ID and I take it as a compliment, not an insult.



  1. ricodilello · December 8, 2014

    Funny, I had the opposite problem that I looked older than my age. My wife’s aunt asked her why she was going to marry a 35 year old man, I was only 23 at the time. It wasn’t funny at the time but we both look back and just laugh. On the bright side, think about all the money you will save but not having to buy beauty products to make yourself look younger someday.

    • clairevanner · December 8, 2014

      Thanks for your comment! To be fair, I would rather have it this way – must be a pain for you too!

      • ricodilello · December 8, 2014

        Now I enjoy looking much older than my wife, people think that she is my trophy wife even though we are only one year apart. I love the look on their faces when I tell them that we have been married for 39 years.

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