Blogging 2016: Return of the blonde

The beginning of a new year is a time to think ahead to the coming months and what we are going to do differently, but it is also a time for reflection, which in turn can inform us what we want to do differently this year.

I have been absent from this blog from the last year because 2015 was a busy year of learning new skills and finding my feet on a new career path. Unfortuntaly for my blog, this meant it did not get any attention because my mind was on other things. However, I have a great new job and have transitioned my professional writing from journalism into content marketing and I really enjoy it. 

Despite this blog being called Critically Blonde, although I am critical, (and I mostly just enjoy a good pun) I find it hard to negatively critique for fear of upsetting others: and it is all too often far easier to find the negatives than the positive, which is why journalists have developed a bad reputation and the media industry is termed as ‘nasty’. Marketing is a far better fit for me: writing promotional content and endorsing the positives. It was a steep learning curve that required lots of energy and attention, but I feel that I now thrive in my role and within my marketing agency team.

Now that I have settled into my job, I want to do some writing for myself again, not just for clients. I did write some marketing blogs for my company, Digital Radish, this year and I realised in my annual appraisal that this is one of my favourite tasks. While I relish the challenge of writing an enticing technical report for a new client, every week I look forward to writing a blog. 

The other thing that inspired me to start blogging again was watching the new Star Wars film. It was so breathtakingly brilliant and as a self-confessed Star Wars geek who first watched the original trilogy when she was a little girl with her dad, it was great to see a film that looked both backwards to what had been done previously and also laid out the path for new adventures to come. Much as I am doing in my own life now. 

I did write a blog at the end of 2014 about how I didn’t agree with new year’s resolutions. However, this year I am making an exception and I will resolutely continue to write my Critically Blonde blog. 

Enough about me, onto Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens…


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